Our current society places a significant importance on STEM. However, sciences and mathematics require extensive insight. This is often hard for a student to acquire in class without an extra challenge. Therefore, we are here to help. We believe that mastering STEM classes does not have to be frustrating nor annoying!

Our Values

The Iliako team shares a set of core values. We always keep these values in mind while tutoring our students.


Most math and science experts are not very good at explaining their subjects. However, we guarantee that our tutoring session are enriching and captivating.


We guarantee that our students will benefit from our tutoring sessions. In case a student is not convinced of the added value we bring, we will refund the session. No questions asked.


We believe that help should be available to those in need. Hence, if our prices are too steep for you, do not hesitate to reach out to us to see what we can do!

Give Back

In our opinion, every business has a social obligation to give back to the community they serve. Therefore, every trimester,  we choose a non-profit organization to which we donate 10% of all our income.


We are extremely grateful for all the clients we have helped and the kind words they have shared with us.

Our Services

In general, we work as a guide along the way and follow our students along the way.
Before starting such an endeavor, we like to have an introductory call to obtain a better view of the assistance that is required.

The listed subjects are by no means an exhaustive list. These just tend to be the subjects that students need the most help with per age group!

Elementary Student

For who: students from first grade until sixth grade.

Subjects: Math, Science, Dutch, and French

Price: 30 euros per hour

Girl with Braids
Raising a Hand
Lower-Secondary Student

For who: students from seventh grade until ninth grade.

Subjects: Math, Science, French, Dutch, English, and Economics

Price: 35 euros per hour

Upper-Secondary Student

For who: students from tenth grade until twelfth grade.

Subjects: Math, Physics, Chemistry, French, Dutch, English, and Economics

Price: 40 euros per hour

Higher Education Student

For who: students in university/college

Subjects: Statistics & Probability, Physics, Chemistry, STEM, Java, Python, and MATLAB

Price: 45 euros per hour

Our Team

The core of our tutoring service is our amazing team. Thanks to them, we can guarantee quality assistance to all our students.

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