About Us

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We, the founders of Iliako, are five siblings. Although we have different interests and personalities, we all share one common aspiration: we want to improve the community we are living in.

For this reason, we founded Iliako, a company that focuses on holistic growth consulting. As we believe that people are at the core of a company's performance, we focus on the human side of business. 

Hence, this explains why our first pillar is tutoring. This way, we help ensure competent people enter the workforce.


Once in the workforce, we increase the odds of serendipidity by creating personal relationships through our teambuilding events.


 Lastly, we then leverage the interconnected network to bring innovation to the business. 

Thanks to these three pillars, we cannot only focus on holistic and sustainable growth, but we all five get to use our passions in our side-hustle.

Thanks to this, we are always excited to help you!